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Fig. 1

From: Somatostatin receptor based hybrid imaging in sarcoidosis

Fig. 1

68Ga-Dotatoc whole body PET (a) in a 56-year old woman with chronic (cardiac) sarcoidosis. Increased uptake is visible in the lymph nodes located at the right-sideof the mediastinum and in lung hilar tissue. 68Ga-Dotatoc PET/CT uptake (b) is visible in the left ventricle of the heart (lateral, basal, septal) and the anterior part of the right ventricle. The same distribution pattern is visible on FDG whole body (c) and cardiac PET (d), but is more intense. Apparently FDG PET was more helpful than 68Ga-Dotatoc in the chronic phase of sarcoidosis in this patient

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