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Table 2 Correlation between bone scan and MRI findings

From: The clinical value of xSPECT/CT Bone versus SPECT/CT. A prospective comparison of 200 scans

Outcome Number Cases
MRI and xSPECT-CT bone scan findings consistent 28 (85%)
MRI and SPECT-CT bone scan findings consistent 26 (79%)
xSPECT/CT significantly better correlation with MRI than SPECT/CT 12 (36%)
xSPECT/CT and SPECT/CT inconsistent with MRI 5 (15%)
xSPECT/CT consistent but SPECT/CT inconsistent with MRI 2 (6%)
Sacroiliitis on xSPECT/CT but negative on SPECT/CT and MRI 2 (6%)
CT, MRI, xSPECT/CT and SPECT/CT findings consistent 2 (6%)