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Fig. 5

From: Does quantification have a role to play in the future of bone SPECT?

Fig. 5

A local case study. Using GE’s Q.Volumetrix MI (GE Healthcare) the SUVmax at the confirmed site of fusion in the lumbar spine was found to be 28.7 (SUVmean = 15.4), which sits comfortably above Kuji et al.’s normal range (but also within the range derived for metastases) (Kuji et al. 2017). The SUVmean across all CT-segmented bone in the field of view was 3.48, which was lower than expected according to Kaneta et al.’s normal SUVmean range (4.4 ± 0.5). Automated thresholding was employed to delineate the site. Is any of this more useful than visual interpretation? The quantitative result at the fusion site might have supplemented visual interpretation with something of prognostic value. In addition, comparisons could have been made upon follow-up SPECT-CT, enabling better ongoing characterisation of pain generation. Clearly, however, precision is still lacking

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