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Fig. 6

From: Applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning in molecular imaging and radiotherapy

Fig. 6

Visualization of the U-Net features. Regions that predicted death of the patients obtained via a guided back-propagation method (Yosinski et al. 2015). Trivially, tumoral regions are highlighted in red in the heatmap. However, some of the heated regions outside of the tumoral volume matched with the actual locations of recurrences and metastases when they were compared with the post-therapeutic images and clinical records, rendering a great potential as a practical, clinical tool for patient-tailored treatment planning in the future. a Patient deceased in 0.29 years after the acquisition of the images. b Deceased after 4.58 years. c Deceased after 7.11 years. 2OS and 2DS stand for 2-year overall survival and 2-year disease-specific survival, respectively. Reprinted with permission from Springer Nature (Baek et al. 2019)

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