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Fig. 4

From: The role of hybrid bone SPECT/CT imaging in the work-up of the limping patient: a symptom-based and joint-oriented review

Fig. 4

Bone SPECT/CT imaging of the painful knee. Illustration of bone SPECT/CT applications in imaging the painful knee. a medial compartment overloading demonstrated on bone SPECT/CT but not visible on MR STIR imaging, b loosening of arthroplasty due to large granulomas causing only diffuse non-specific uptake on planar imaging (inset), c example of osteochondritis dissecans with a gap surrounding the fragment not visible on MRI, d complex osteosynthesis of the proximal tibia after trauma with pain recurrence due to stress fracture of the distal femur on planar (inset) and SPECT/CT, but unsuspected on anatomical imaging

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