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Table 1 Results from Literature Search 2, pertaining to 76 publications. Multiple criteria could be fulfilled by one study (number of publications in parentheses). ‘NM’ denotes ‘nuclear medicine’. Seven papers could not be found in full or translated

From: Does quantification have a role to play in the future of bone SPECT?

Indication Study design Metric Analysis
Infective (0) Animal research study (5) Absolute (13) Compared to non-NM data (32)
Inflammatory (6) Cohort study (prospective) (35) Kinetic (1) Not compared to non-NM data (35)
Metabolic (3) Cohort study (retrospective) (18) Relative (39)  
Oncologic (16) Descriptive (2) SUV (9)  
Orthopaedic (13) Systematic review (3) Other (8)  
Rheumatologic (8) Technical (6)   
Other (24)