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Fig. 3.

From: Preliminary clinical assessment of dynamic carbon-11 methionine positron-emission tomography/computed tomography for the diagnosis of the pathologies in patients with musculoskeletal lesions: a prospective study

Fig. 3.

A 59 year-old-man with pleomorphic leiomyosarcoma (grade 2) in the lower back. Dynamic positron-emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) images are shown for the dynamic phases (ad). In the dynamic first phases (a), the methionine accumulation in soft tissue tumours is inhomogeneous, and the focal intense accumulation is identifiable in the left portion of the tumour (SUVmax, 5.06). After the dynamic second phase (bd), the focal intense accumulation gradually decreased (SUVmax: dynamic second phase (b), 4.84; dynamic third phase, 4.82; dynamic fourth phase (c), 4.56; dynamic fifth phase, 4.98; dynamic sixth phase (d), 4.82). The SUVmax remained relatively stable with minimal fluctuation during the dynamic phases (e)

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